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Long R1200
Medium R1000
Short R800
Sweet & Lovely long  From R1150 
Sweet & Lovely Medium From R950
Sweet & Lovely Short From R650


Color With Wella Long R800
Color With Wella Medium R700
Color With Wella Short R600
T-section R400
Toner R300
Roots Color R400

Wash and Blow

Wash And BlowPrice
W/B Extra Long  R250
W/B Long  R220
W/B Medium R200
W/B Short R170

Wella Treatments

Wella Treatments Price 
Wella OR Spa R350
Kadus Intense Repair R250
Nioxin Diaboost Blowout Long R260
Nioxin Diaboost Blowout Med R240
Nioxin Diaboost Blowout Short R220


Full Hi-lights Long R950
Full Hi-lights Medium R850
Full Hi-lights Short R750
Half Highligts Long R850
Half Highligts Medium R650
Half  Highlights Short R550

Wash / Cut

Dry Cut Ladies R130
Hair cut men  R130
Hair Cut Students  R100
Wash Cut And Blow Long  R320
Wash Cut And Blow Medium  R300
Wash Cut And Blow Short R270